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Underground Storm Shelters by Menard Manufacturing are made in Arkansas and can provide shelter underground from storms, high winds and tornado activity.

Advantages of Menard Storm Underground Shelters

  • Solid welded unit including the floor
  • Eliminates underground water problems
  • Can be placed in existing garages or in new construction
  • May be used as a free standing shelter (with proper installation)
  • Easily accessible; no stairway to contend with
  • Handicap models available  (6x8)
  • Meets FEMA guidelines; Tested by Texas Tech Wind Science & Engineering Department passing the projectile test and the wind speed test up to an F4 Tornado.
  • Additionally a crush test has been performed by dropping a car on our unit.  Our unit is successfully passed.


Our storm shelters are completely constructed of 1/4" steel plate with a 1/4" steel plate door.   We use (3) 1" dead bolts on the inside of the door. Seating is bolted into the unit and constructed of 10ga steel. Our storm shelters are painted interior and exterior with white polyurethane paint.

Safety Features:

  • Multiple air vents have been added to ensure proper ventilation
  • A secondary escape hatch in the door may be removed from the inside or outside of the shelter
  • Our shelter has passed Texas Tech Wind & Engineering Testing and meets FEMA guidelines
Dimensions Capacity Weight Unit Price
4' X 6' 5 person seated 2,220 lbs. $3,500
6' X 6' 6 person seated 2,300 lbs. $4,050
6' X 8' 8 person seated 2,500 lbs. $5,350

*All models are 80" in height
*Door configuration - customer specification
*Delivery and installation not included in the price.


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