Frac Tanks are constructed to meet the conditions encountered in the oil and gas industry. The unique V-bottom floor design in Menard frac tanks gives the operator easier cleaning and maintenance of the tank. Manufactured with 0.25" the floor on our frac tanks are supported with the strongest undercarriage of any tank in production. The smooth lined inner walls of our frac tanks eliminate buildup of material when compared to the conventional corrugated material used by other manufacturers. This key feature allows for much easier clean out.
We can custom manufacture our frac tanks for valve placement to the customer's specifications. Menard Sales has manufactured both internally and externally placed valves based upon the needs of our clients.



Containment Frac Tanks

Menard Manufacturing Company is producing tanks with a containment feature that is new and unique to the oil and gas industry. The inner tank is designed so that any drips, spills or leaks are contained in the outer containment wall thereby protecting from hazardous spill cleanup and EPA involvement.  The tanks are moved and placed in the conventional manner but do not require berms and fabric placement to protect from spills.  This tank design comes at a time when EPA concerns about drips or spills are on the increase. Perfect for all tank usage and especially acid tanks. In addition to our containment feature, we are now manufacturing these containment tanks with a walk-through platform that allows workers to access the tanks without the hassle of climbing up and down each stairway. Our new handrail and platform design promote safety, convenience and efficiency in a market where time is money!




Our vacuum trailers are equipped with rear entry steps desi gned with the utmost safety in mind.  All vacuum trailers come standard with side and work lights.  



Gas Buster Tank

 Floor Support: 4” x 10” x 1/4" tubing outer with 2" x 6" stingers Floor: V-bottom Walls: 1/4" plate - smooth inside with welded ribs Roof: Serrated Bar Grating Options: Full / Partial Drain: 4" valve at front and rear Manifold: 8" manifold with (4) 4" plugs or internal manifold Manways: (2) front and curb side Top Hatches: 36 x 36 with access ladder Access: Rear stairs or platform Pickup: 3/8" - standard 5th wheel king pin Axle: 25,000 lb. with air brakes, 11.00 R x 22.5 Tires Primer: Epoxy coated all exterior Paint: Standard polyurethane or customer specifications Lights: DOT lights and reflectors Mud Flaps: Anti-Sail with logo Liner: Sherwin Williams Liner Busters: (2) 16" x 8" x 4" with 2" 1502 Liner: 16mil thickness Optional: Gel-Line with Valve Optional: Closed top with center vent for maximum splash protection.    

Aluminum Bobtail Tanks

72" Diameter
16' Length
1/4"   Alum 5454
1 - 20" Manway on Top 
1 - 20” Manway in Rear
Operational Rear Lights
12" Primary
Secondary 12 Gallon
LED Lighting
2 Compartments;